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During an interview for a leading London newspaper, Julie Swales, head of our nanny division, was asked, "What sets one agency apart from another?" Her reply, "Experience, years of experience, working with hundreds of families, helping with thousands of questions." This is the reason national and international magazines, newspapers, TV shows, radio shows, and non-fiction parenting books endorse and rely on The Elizabeth Rose Agency for expert advice, comments and collaboration on stories and reports.


Online Media


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“Think of me as the wife you don’t have,” my nanny said in her interview, sizing up the state of our household. “I can see you need one.”

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For this bestselling parenting book, Amy Giles (now Castellana) was consulted for her top ten suggestions when working with nanny agencies. The author, Dr. Jenn Berman, hired a fantastic nanny for her children through the Elizabeth Rose Agency.

  todays-parent-magazine-cover-march-2008 Sarah Steel, an international baby nurse and newborn sleep specialist, wrote an article for Parent featuring her gentle and loving sleep training methods.

Julie Swales responded to parents' questions and concerns in an article for LA Parent Magazine about hiring nannies, working with nanny agencies, and creating long term healthy relationships between nanny and family.

  british-sunday-times An ever insatiable British public was entertained with a fun discussion when Julie Swales was interviewed for an lead article about Hollywood Celebrity Families.

For an article about Wolfgang Puck and his nanny search, Julie Swales was consulted regarding her tried and tested ways of working with agencies, plus what to look for and avoid when searching for a nanny.

   new-york-magazine-logo Julie Swales was recently interviewed for an article in New York Magazine regarding the perks and lifestyles of celebrity nannies.


Television & Radio


npr-logo Julie Swales was interviewed on NPR for a news show on nanny agency protocol, the reason for the rise in nanny salaries, and what to expect when accepting a high profile position.   tv-collage Jack Lippman is regularly featured and contributes to all the popular entertainment television shows when news breaks about household staff.
nanny911 Casting, and consulting for this popular national and international show was done by our agency.

  takehomenanny-large Casting, and consulting for this popular national show was done by our agency.
high-maintenance-90210-large A season on Entertainment Television featured the day to day workings of The Elizabeth Rose Agency.