Helping new moms and dads ease into parenthood


Coming home with a new baby or babies can prove exhausting and overwhelming even for the most seasoned of moms. A new mom will probably have a myriad of questions which our baby nurses are ready to answer. Whether it's addressing lactation concerns; encouraging consistent sleeping or eating patterns; questions about reflux, colic or allergies, or undertaking simple steps for an infant's first bath; our team of amazing baby nurses are there to help. 

One of the things that set us apart from other agencies is that our baby nurses come to work with the desire and expertise to support mom and dad, not just the baby. Would you like some lunch prepared? Some errands run? Or the laundry done, well our baby nurses recognize that nurturing the whole family unit is invaluable during this time of transition.

We like to tailor-make our baby nurse schedules to fit what best suits your family. Perhaps you would like the baby nurse to come to your house prior to babies arrival to consult on nursery set up and baby proofing the house, It could be that you want a block of 24-hr days when you first come home from hospital. You may want just a few night shifts or day shifts covered so you can catch up on sleep or run errands during the day. Again, whatever your unique needs, a baby nurse can provide invaluable help.





Rates can vary according to your needs so please call our Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco area office and speak with a specialized childcare consultant to get more information. Or feel free to complete an online inquiry and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours.