Keeping entire properties running smoothly


Whether your residence is three thousand square feet or thirty thousand square feet, we understand the importance of its meticulous care. Our estate and house managers can live in or out and will manage your property from the front gate to the roof. Whether you have a mountain ski lodge, a beach estate, or a country house your home will be protected, managed and organized while you are present and during your time away.

Many of our estate and house managers have strong administrative experience and can manage travel plans, property renovations, and social functions from children's birthday parties to formal fundraiser dinners. It is also very helpful for households with multiple staff to have the house manager take care of work schedules, payroll, and the general comings and goings that mandate a well run home.

You will never have to worry about changing a light bulb; the kitchen will always be stocked with delicious goodies; flowers can adorn all the rooms; and your guests will feel like they have been on a spa vacation. Even your full time residence can benefit from one of our highly motivated and experienced estate managers.





Please call our Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco office for more information. Or feel free to complete an online inquiry and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours.