All of the Elizabeth Rose nannies are experienced, have wonderful references, and considered the best in the business. However, a number of our clients have more specific needs and desire a nanny with a certain level of higher education. It could also be that the family travels extensively and requires a nanny that: speaks multiple languages; has an understanding of other countries and the customs therein; and has traveled a lot themselves and so he/she is more capable of traveling alone with children.

We represent working families who may need a nanny that can provide extensive homework support for their school-aged children - not quite a tutor, but definitely someone with, for example, a higher-than-average understanding of geometry! We also work with a number of families and individuals who spend a great deal of time on production sets and need a childcare giver who is sensitive to the entertainment industry and is mindful of protecting children from over-zealous paparazzi. These clients and others often inquire about our college graduate nannies, particularly, those who have studied child development or have teaching experience.

Nannies who are serious about making nannying a full time, lifelong career may attend a training college (such as Norland College in the UK, or the Northwest Nannies Institute or English Nanny and Governess School here in the US), where they receive intensive instruction on every aspect of what makes a great nanny. Another way our nannies can show their dedication to the career path is to study Early Childhood Education or Child Development at their local college or university.

Of course, all of our clients can expect the following from their nanny:

  • Assisting with morning routine: dressing, breakfast, school lunches
  • Preparing meals for children (also for parents if needed)
  • Driving children to school, and scheduling play dates, classes and appointments
  • Laundry and general tidying up after children
  • Child development, age appropriate games and toys, story time, ready and exploring their world
  • Nanny/family assistants also help with household management (especially with school aged children)
  • Tutoring and homework help, and costume making for holidays!

educated-nanny2Our nannies have been extensively screened. Background checks and driving reports are run before any job offer is finalized. References have been thoroughly checked and parents, like you, are standing by to share their experience with the nanny you are considering hiring.

If you are interested in hiring one of our Highly Educated Career nannies, please complete the Hire a Nanny form and include this desire in the description of your needs. If you are a childcare giver that meets the Highly Educated Career nanny requirements, and would like to learn more, please feel free to apply with our agency for placement. Feel free to utilize our Nanny Resume Download to get ideas for your own resume.





Please contact our Los Angeles, New York or San Francisco office for more information. Or feel free to complete an online inquiry and someone from our office will contact you within 24 hours.