The Elizabeth Rose Agency focuses on cultivating mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our professional domestic workers. We understand that finding that perfect fit requires clear communication and honest, experience-based feedback.

We pride ourselves in our intuitive and highly discerning screening process. In addition to doing extensive reference checks, we provide clients with comprehensive background checks and driving reports before any job offers are finalized.

Our team is able to guide you through each step of the process. We are always happy to answer any questions regarding the interview process, trialing, hiring, scheduling, and composing work agreements. 


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Additional Services


Nannies can be expected to help with a variety of child and home related tasks such as: helping with morning, after school and evening routines, managing children's schedules, driving them to school, activities and play dates. Nannies are great resources for additional educational support and can help with homework, as well as developing in-home educational activities that help your little ones get prepared for preschool. Many nannies also help with tidying, meal preparation and children’s laundry. 

Elizabeth Rose nannies come from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds. Many of our nannies speak multiple languages, have studied child development and/or psychology, and have teaching experience. We also have nannies with specialized experience in and understanding of Montessori and RIE principles. In addition to our nannies having high quality education and experience, the nannies we work with are the most experienced and dedicated nannies in the business.


Coming home with a new baby or babies can prove exhausting and overwhelming even for the most seasoned of parents. Newborn Care Specialists are happy to answer questions regarding lactation concerns, encouraging consistent sleeping or eating patterns, questions about reflux, colic, allergies, or undertaking simple steps for an infant's first bath.

Our “baby nurses” recognize that nurturing the whole family unit is invaluable during this time of transition. Perhaps you would like the NCS to come to your house prior to the baby’s arrival to consult on nursery set up and baby proofing the house. It could be that you want a block of 24-hr days when you first come home from the hospital. You may want just a few night shifts or day shifts covered so you can catch up on sleep or run errands during the day. Whatever your unique needs, a Newborn Care Specialist can provide invaluable help.


We understand that homes and lives don't run themselves, and that it's not just working parents who need household support. Professionals without children also have lists of time-consuming personal errands which need to get done each week to keep life on track.

Hiring a personal/house assistant means you get to hand off your myriad of to-do-lists to a trusted, seasoned professional, intent on making your life flow with ease. Each family/client has their own priorities. Some standard assistant duties include grocery and household supply shopping, organizing and maintaining home offices, scheduling, management of family calendars, overseeing home renovations, household bookkeeping and staff management. Personal assistants are also great at planning parties, professional events, and helping with holiday and birthday shopping!


We pride ourselves in placing housekeeping staff who grow with a family and provide the backbone to a well-run home; most of our housekeeping placements last for years. All our housekeepers speak fluent English and have a valid driver’s license. Elizabeth Rose housekeepers are flexible, reliable, and trustworthy.


In addition to general housekeeping, many of our housekeepers can also prepare meals, provide backup childcare, run errands, and provide laundry services. Additionally, our housekeepers are well versed in the best products to support your household, and are more than happy to provide recommendations for families with specific allergies or who are looking to incorporate environmentally friendly products into the everyday care of their homes. 


Support from a Personal Chef can be invaluable for a more harmonious family life, and that support is often surprisingly affordable! Mealtimes can be added daily stress for families, so why not consider handing off that chore so you can focus on the other 101 areas of your life requiring attention? Whether you are looking for a full-time family cook, or just someone to deliver a few dinners per week, we have someone to fit your needs. We also have chefs with catering experience, happy to take on feeding your birthday party, holiday party, or other private event guests. Whatever your needs, The Elizabeth Rose Agency can match you with the perfect person.


Our Estate Managers can manage your property from the front gate to the roof. Whether you need someone to manage your primary home or vacation properties, an estate manager ensures your home will be protected, managed and organized while you are present and during your time away.

Many of our Estate and House Managers have strong administrative experience and can manage travel plans, property renovations, and social functions, from children's birthday parties to formal fundraiser dinners. It is also very helpful for households with multiple staff to have the House Manager take care of work schedules, payroll, and the general comings and goings that showcase a well-run home.


A domestic couple is a married team who join your home staff as caretakers, accommodating a variety of household needs. One spouse of the team typically takes on personal assistant responsibilities, housekeeping, helps with childcare, manages other staff, cooks, and plans the day-to-day running of your home. The other can manage house maintenance, including but not limited to taking great care of your cars, cleaning, doing small and large repairs, and driving.


If you are in need of a service that is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us! Give us a call or feel free to complete an online inquiry and someone from our offices will be in touch within 24 hours.