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Tips to Make your Resume Stand Out!

I've never had to make a resume before... do I really need one?

Here are some additional guidelines we’ve found to be helpful:

Format: Our templates provide a great start, but if you have another format you like, go for it! Keep it clear and neat. Make sure the spacing, bullets, etc. are all consistent. Your jobs should be written in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent and working your way back).

Length: The more information you can include, the better! Write details about the families you’ve worked for, your responsibilities, the courses you’ve taken, special skills, etc. Don't worry about keeping your resume to one page –  give a full picture of you and your time working with families.

Photo: We usually remove or cover up photos from resumes, because they don’t scan well. But you’re welcome to include a picture on your resume if you wish! Just make sure it’s one that’s professional. It should be clear and easy to see your smiling face, and your clothes, hair, and makeup should look like you’re ready for a day of working, rather than a night out (no large jewelry, heavy makeup, colorful nails, revealing clothes, etc.)

Accuracy: Make sure the information on your resume (dates of employment, ages of kids, etc.) is correct, and lines up with what’s written on your agency application and reference letters. We know it’s sometimes tough to remember exactly when you started or finished a job, but accuracy is important. Even if it’s a completely innocent mistake, inconsistencies can look like a red flag to a family.

Fonts: Make sure all of the text (fonts, sizes, colors, etc.) is consistent throughout your resume. If you’re adding a new job to your resume, make sure it’s in the same font as the older ones (or, if you want to change it, make sure to switch all of it to the new font!). We understand wanting to make your resume stand out, but fancy fonts and colors can distract a potential employer from what’s most important on the resume, and what they really want to know – all the great information about you!

Spelling/Grammar: We know spelling isn’t everyone’s strong suit – just do your best! The eagle-eyed spelling and grammar nerds of Elizabeth Rose will gladly proofread it to make sure everything’s correct. (Be extra sure to double-check the spelling of things like family names, schools, and cities.)

Personality: We encourage you to include a sentence or two in your resume about why you’ve chosen a career in private home service, what you love about caring for families, and what makes you great at it! This isn’t a business resume – families want to get a sense of who you are, so let your personality shine through. 


Good luck!!

Your professionalism, attention to detail, and personality all can come through in a well-done resume. 

If you're starting from scratch, try using one of these templates: 


  Newborn Care Specialist/Baby Nurse


  Executive/Personal Assistant

  House Manager 


This is one of the things we hear most often from candidates during their job search, and although its possible to work in private homes for 20 years without ever needing one, having a professional up to date resume is one of the most helpful ways for the agency to promote you to a family. 

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