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Judy has been a nanny for over 10 years. She is certified in Child Nutrition, CPR & First Aid, and has had training in cognitive behavioral therapy.  She comes from a big family and prides herself on her ability to mesh well with lots of different personalities. She’s patient, understanding, and her work ethic is incredibly admirable. Judy is great with house management, potty training, pet care, massage therapy and arts & crafts (including sewing)! When she isn’t planning princess parties, Judy spends her free time volunteering with local organizations.

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Dora has been a nanny for more than 23 years, and the agency has represented her for most of that time! Dora is well known for investing in her jobs very long term; she loves helping families through every developmental milestone. She’s terrific with teething babies, potty training and helping ease the transition to school. Dora loves teaching, playing games and listening to music! 


Kristen is a caring and engaging nanny with over 10 years of experience caring for kids of all ages. She has worked both as a night nurse for newborns and has mentored young teens throughout her career. She has worked with multiples as well as children with special needs, and is known for coming up with creative and imaginative learning environments for her charges. Kristen loves to travel, go horseback riding, skiing, swimming, hiking, and loves photography! 


Brad has been working with children ages 3 to 15, for over 10 years, and in many capacities - he’s been a Manny, camp counselor, coach, teacher, and athletic director. Brad is an excellent tutor and can help parents with those pesky personal administrative tasks as well! Brad is a huge fan of all things Disney, and loves a good old fashioned soundtrack singalong. He stays very active with hiking, swimming, playing basketball and soccer, and is passionate about getting kids in his care to join in on the fun!


 Karmelita has been a Nanny/Housekeeper for more than 10 years. She is a whiz at multitasking and can care for the kids, run errands, make sure the house is in tip top shape and find time to whip up a great meal. She also loves pets! Karmelita is a mom as well and is known for her energetic, fun-loving personality and incredible work ethic. She enjoys going to the library, visiting parks, and doing arts and crafts.


Paula comes to the agency all the way from Brazil! She’s been nannying for more than 12 years. Paula particularly loves working with infants and toddlers and is skilled in handling multiple children. Paula has studied Child Development and is CPR Certified. Paula loves learning all there is to know about children and using her knowledge to help parents raise happy, healthy kids!


Andrea has been working with children for over 8 years and comes to the agency with a Bachelor’s Degree. She has studied Early Childhood Education and Childhood Development and is CPR Certified. Andrea recently moved to sunny SoCal from Seattle. She is passionate about creating a structured in home learning atmosphere where kids in her care are consistently learning and having fun! She also encourages sensory play, interactive reading, music and art engagement and teaches problem solving strategies and time management skills.


Lisa has been caring for and teaching children for 30 years! She has a BA in Child Development and is CPR Certified. She focuses on education, boosting self esteem and stimulating creativity in children. Lisa is a professional in every sense of the word; she is great at keeping calm under pressure and juggling the needs of any busy, dynamic family.

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